November 10, 2017

Today’s Great Idea!

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cornandcloudsTake charge over the “voices” in your head today. Don’t listen to the one that says “I can’t do this”, or that one that says “I’m such an idiot”. Ignore the ones that say “I’m not good enough”, “I’m all alone, no one loves me”, “I’m such a failure”. Maybe your “voices” say “I’m defective, broken, or too needy.” Whatever the “voices” say today, give yourself a break. Even though, on some level, the “voices” (aka, negative internal dialogue), are trying to help by spurring us on to do something in a different way, ultimately, they just make us feel crummy!

Try something like, “thanks for letting me know, but that’s not really helpful right now!” Or if you’re feeling really feisty, talk back,”You know what? I am lovable; even though I make mistakes, I’m not a failure.” Or “everyone’s got stuff, mine’s just bugging me today!”

Make it a Fearless Friday and take charge of that Nasty Person inside your head!




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