May 17, 2018

Counseling May Help

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November 14, 2017

Can’t Make It to the Office? No Problem!

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computerandtabletwvseeTry video counseling!

Sometimes it just doesn’t work to stop what you’re doing and come into the office for a counseling session. One of the kids woke up sick, you woke up sniffling, the furnace broke and you have to wait for the repair man, or maybe you’re at a conference across the state and don’t want to miss your session. All very good reasons to try video counseling.

I use VSee, a HIPAA compliant platform similar to FaceTime or Skype, but secure. It’s a free program, you can download it on your computer, your table, or your phone and take your counseling session wherever you go! I like it better than telephone counseling because we can see each other and feel more connected.

So, instead of canceling or rescheduling next time you have a conflict, give video counseling a try!

Be Well and Have A Wonderful Day!


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