March 30, 2020

COVID 19 Update

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I have switched from the physical office location to tele-therapy. I understand that the past few weeks have been challenging. I’m doing my part to keep the spread of the virus down. This is a trying time, but we will get through it together as a community.

For those of you struggling with eating disorders, you may find an increase in behaviors or urges to engage in behaviors as a means for coping with the anxiety, fear, powerlessness, or loneliness you may be experiencing right now.

For those struggling with anxiety due to disruption in routines, worry or fears of the spread of the virus, or you or a loved one contracting it, you may be finding it difficult to calm the constant barrage of thoughts plaguing you.

For those struggling with depression, the social distancing and isolation (although that might be just what you think you need), can exacerbate the lack of motivation, lack of self-care.

I hear you, I see you (existing clients and those who are reading this for the first time) and even though I’m not meeting with folks in the office right now, I want you to know that I am doing my best to make tele-therapy a safe, secure, and viable option for you.

I am also accepting new clients via tele-therapy. Stay safe and healthy.

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March 22, 2020

Uncertainty, Isolation, Worry

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A recipe for depression, anxiety, anger, and many other feelings. In this challenging time, you may find yourself struggling due to the lack of structure, unpredictability, being cut off from your social contacts. These circumstances can exacerbate existing mental illnesses. Instead of “waiting it out”, please contact your therapist and talk about what’s going on for you. Continued therapy is essential for mental wellness.

However, even those without formal mental illness diagnoses may find it helpful to talk and gain guidance in creating resources for mental wellness during this time. I am conducting counseling sessions via a video chat platform. In non-pandemic times, I require an initial face to face session before beginning teletherapy. However, I am waiving that requirement and accepting new clients vial the online platform immediately. I also offer a reduced feel/sliding scale option for those in financial need. Check out to learn more.

Please don’t struggle any longer. It is my opinion that this current state of affairs will last for awhile. So contact me, or another licensed therapist conducting telehealth, today. Make a plan to work toward feeling better.

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