March 17, 2019

Using Self-Compassion to Increase Resilience

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Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 9-11am. Counseling office: 304 N. George St., Millersville, PA

Resilience is the ability to recover readily from adversity. This 2-hour workshop will help you create more adaptive coping strategies, create the shifts that can change your behaviors, and help you learn how to rewire your brain thereby increasing your resilience.

In this workshop you will learn self-compassion strategies to help you:  Manage stress more effectively; heal toxic shame and rewire the inner critic; strengthen and foster resilience; deal with feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness, and guilt; come to more clarity with decision making; prime your brain for learning and growth

Each session will be a combination of practice, lecture, and group discussion. Each session is taught in a supportive environment with no more than 8 people.

Kelly F. Dennis MS LPC is the Facilitator.

Contact to reserve your space.  Cost: $75.00

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