December 28, 2017

Mental Wellness

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winter-road-in-the-mountains-10011173While decreasing the stigma surrounding mental illness in order to create an environment in which individuals believe they can seek out care without judgement is paramount; equally important is understanding how to keep ourselves mentally and physically well (or return to a state of wellness after a mental or physical illness).

The following is a list of contributors to mental (and physical) wellness:

-Exercise. The research shows again and again the importance of regular, moderate exercise in the maintenance of mental wellness.

-Food. Proper nutrition nourishes the brain and there is research to support that certain foods can affect one’s mood state.

-Sleep. This is when our bodies and brains heal and recharge.

-Being in nature. Natural surroundings ease our brain’s fight or flight response and increase the “feel good” chemicals available to us.

-Having a sense of purpose. When we lack a sense of meaning and purpose we can become anxious, depressed, or feel empty and “blah” inside.

-Spirituality. Spirituality is the divinity that dances, and flows as the source and essence of every soul. Spirituality is related to your personal search, to finding greater meaning and purpose in your existence.

-Relationships. Feeling loved and cared for while loving and caring for others.

-Community. A sence of acceptance and belonging.

-Resilience. The ability to “bounce back”.

-Managing distress and eustress. Stressors can be both good and bad, being able to  managing the way they impact or minds and bodies is essential to well-being.

Most of these are “no brainers”. We know what to do, but what gets in the way of us taking good care of ourselves? Sometimes, we don’t believe we deserve the good care; other times we feel overwhelmed by the committment to do so. Try setting an intention in the new year to put more effort into the above list. When the effort seems hard, talk to someone about the “things that get in the way.”

Be Well and Have a Wonderful 2018!


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