October 18, 2017

Managing “Stress”

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:53 pm by kellyfdennis

young-girl-screaming-loud-while-holding-her-head-100162857“Stress” is a word that we sometimes use to describe the strain put on our bodies and minds when something out of the ordinary (good or bad) happens to us. Learning to  manage the “stressors” can help to decrease the strain on our minds and bodies. Here are some tips for managing stressors:

Change the stressful situation-Figure out what you can do to alter the situation so the stressor doesn’t happen in the future. Many times, this involves changing your style of communicating and the way you go about your daily life. For instance, express your feelings (in a healthy and respectful way) instead of keeping them bottled up; compromise and negotiate with others, instead of always having to be right; deal with problems head on, rather than avoiding them; learn to manage your time better; say no to extra demands for which you don’t have the time or energy.

Change yourself-If you can’t change the situation, maybe you can adapt to the stressful situation and regain your sense of control. For example, try to look at situations from another perspective. Instead of fuming during a traffic jam, sing out loud to a song on the radio. Take a “big picture” stance:  How important will this situation be in a month, a year? Give up perfectionism; it sets you up for disappointment; focus on your own positive characteristics, all will help to keep the situation in perspective.

Accept the situations that you cannot change. Typically, the behavior of other people is out of our control. Rather than stressing out about others, focus on things you can control, like your reaction to others’ behaviors; practice forgiveness when you can; accept that we are imperfect as human beings and mistakes will happen.  Share your feelings with a trusted friend (or make an appointment with your therapist) to talk through your emotions about the unchangeable situation.

-Finally, don’t get so “stressed out” that you forget to take care of yourself. Laugh everyday; appreciate a sunset; spend time playing; and breathe deeply!

Be Well and Have a Wonderful Day!

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