October 14, 2017

Counseling Can Be More Than “Talk” Therapy

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BasketSo, you’ve had your intake session and you and your counselor set up some counseling sessions. Now what? Well, if you’re one of my clients, you’ll likely have some “homework” to do before your next session. Depending on the reason you sought out counseling, you might work on logging emotions, thoughts, food intake. or exercise. Or maybe a combination. The between session homework is designed to help you to become more aware of self defeating patterns, negative internal dialogue, and also helps me as your counselor learn more about you and your psychological self.

As we progress, there will probably be some times when therapy is hard and you might find yourself struggling to share in session, or having difficulty completing homework assignments because of the emotions they bring up. That’s when additional strategies other than “talk” therapy can really be beneficial. The basket image at the beginning of this post is a way that one client worked through difficult emotions. She found that when her hands were busy and the creative side of her brain was engaged, she gained insight (the stereotypical “aha moments” really do happen!) and she was able to work through difficult emotions that came up between sessions.

MandalaColoringOther clients find they need help working through emotions in session. So in addition to talking about what she was feeling, one client would color while we were talking. It helped her to get some distance from the emotion so she could figure out the thoughts and beliefs behind it. Other clients have knitted, crocheted, or sculpted their way toward psychological insight.

Everyone has a different way “doing” therapy. Ask your counselor what other strategies you could use in addition to talking, if you find yourself struggling.

Be Well and Have a Wonderful Day!


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