July 5, 2017

All You Need Is Love…

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The song says that all we need is love, but for many people love is a word that comes with all sorts of baggage. The definition of love according to  the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “an intense feeling of deep affection.” What if we were raised in an environment where our care givers were over worked, tired, depressed, busy doing other things, etc.? Would they have had time to show us deep affection? Maybe you did have that feeling of deep affection from your parents, but then something happened later on that left you feeling disconnected, closed off from others, believing you had to do life “all on your own.”

For whatever the reason, some people find it difficult to feel deep affection from others and really struggle with the idea of feeling deeply affectionate toward themselves. If you’ve been tapping and following along on YouTube and here on my blog, you know that I’m giving you some scripts to help with the “I love and accept myself” part of the EFT statement. So far we’ve addressed safety and value, but what about that pesky love word?

I think first we have to be open to allowing ourselves to feel love, that deep affection, then we might be more willing to aim some of it at ourselves.

Take a deep breath in; rate the amount of anxiety, nervousness or fear you have about allowing more love into your life.

Karate Chop: “Even though it feels (scary, frightening) to allow myself to feel love, I know that I would enjoy it and I’m open to allowing a little more love into my life everyday.” (repeat 3 times)

Top of Head: “I don’t really allow love into my life very deeply.”

Eyebrow: “Maybe I can ask (God, the Universe, my Higher Power) to help me to allow love into my life.”

Side of the Eye: “I thought I was suppose to guard myself, maybe it’s not safe to let love in.”

Under the Eye: “I really do want to learn that I’m loved and lovable.”

Chin: “I really could use some help learning how to let love flow into  my heart.”

Collarbone: “I want to feel loved, safe, and accepted.”

Under the Arm: ” I can just relax and allow love in and see what happens.”

Top of Head: “I do know that I am loved by ________ and that feels good.”

Take a Deep breath in, rate your level of fear, nervousness, anxiety. Repeat the tapping changing the phrases to what fits as your fear decreases.

I am open to allowing more love in my life and having deep affection for myself. How about you?

Be Well and Have a Wonderful Day!



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