May 25, 2017

Meditation Challenge: Day 10

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Day 10 of the 10 minutes per day for 10 days meditation challenge was quite a surprise. I was attending a gathering and at the beginning of the gathering was a group meditation experience that I didn’t know was going to exist!

It was guided meditation to music, but in a room full of people. I felt a little quickening of my heart rate, a “well this is going to be weird” sort of thought. However, I think since I’ve been practicing, I was able to settle into the breathing pretty quickly, following along with the body scan, noticing any tension and letting it melt away, enjoying the moments of silence and then experiencing the visualization. At some point the awareness of the other people in the room was gone and it was totally just my experience in the moment.

What did I notice? I noticed that I felt apprehensive in the beginning, but was able to focus and really be present in the moment with my experience. I felt a sense of peace, and a noticeable reduction in tension. I was aware of a light hearted feeling at the end of the gathering. As I talked with others afterward, people’s reactions were mixed. Some thought it was “weird”, others were intrigued, and some others have been meditating for awhile so it was a nice experience for them as well. How cool was it that this experience came about at just the right time!

I hope my experience and blogging about it have piqued your interest in meditation. I intend to continue and attempt to make it a part of my morning routine more often than not. Thanks for journeying with me!

Be Well and Have a Wonderful Day!

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