May 20, 2017

Meditation Challenge: Day 5

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:49 am by kellyfdennis

The first 4 days of the meditating for 10 minutes per day for 10 days challenge have been interesting. Given the information I’ve gleaned thus far, I chose to meditate to just music today. Serenity Spa’s Healing Music selection. It is a piece that features piano with an instrumental background. I chose to sit inside again and settled into my breathing. It wasn’t long before I found my mind wondering about what the experience would be like today. I noted my mind wandering and brought my attention back to my breathing and the specific notes in the piano music.

After a few moments, I found myself reliving a memory of my grandmother teaching me to play the piano. UGH! It was a pleasant enough memory, but I thanked my mind for the happy memory and returned my focus to my breathing. I tried the mantra from one of the previous mediations: “Be” on the in breathe, “calm” on the out breath. I was able to settle in and sit for a few moments more. I returned my attention to the music, and after a little while, doesn’t my mind tell me “this music really is delightful, isn’t it?”

I took a big, deep breath and returned to the “be calm” mantra and was able to finish the few minutes I had left without the interference of monkey brain.

What did I notice? Frustration! Looking back I am aware that I had an unsettled feeling when I started. Next time I notice a feeling like that I will address it before I sit to meditate. I think I had the thought “I have to do this today no matter how I feel”, which of course, derailed the experience.

I am curious to see what Day 6 holds! Be Well and Have a Wonderful Day!

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