May 18, 2017

Meditation Challenge: Day 3

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I’ve been using guided imagery for years and I like it a lot. I first discovered it when I was trying to learn to meditate many years ago. It worked better for me because it gave my mind something to do: listening to the voice, following the instructions, generating the images in my mind. It has been researched and found to be very helpful both physically and psychologically. I use it frequently and for many things from managing chronic pain to helping me prepare for public speaking. I have to say that I like it so much, I will probably always use it. That being said, however, it still puts my mind in “doing” mode. So, one of the reasons I am embarking on this challenge is to help my mind become more comfortable with “being” mode. I believe meditation targets “being” mode in a different way than guided imagery.

On Day 3 of the 10 minutes per day for 10 days meditation challenge, I chose a music only meditation: Source of Life: Guitar and Strings on the Insight Timer app. I sat outside again, facing the old majestic oak tree and settled in listening to the lovely guitar music and sounds of waves crashing on the beach. I began to pay attention to my breathing, in and out, rise and fall, how it felt on the tip of my nose. After a few moments, I realized I was thinking about my afternoon and evening clients, mapping out their sessions and what I hoped to address. So, I thanked my mind for trying to problem solve and then guided my attention back to my breathing.

After, I don’t know how long, I became aware of a rhythm of my breath, the rise and fall of the music, the ebb and flow of the sounds of crashing waves. I felt a somewhat detached feeling, not unpleasant, and just focused on the rhythm. After a bit I became aware that my mind had gone to images of the beach and memories of times my family had spent at the beach. Again, not unpleasant, but I chose to thank my mind for the happy memories and guided it back to my breathing.

I settled in again, trying not to be judgmental and frustrated with monkey brain, and focused on the rhythm of the music and the waves and my breathing. I think I hung in a little longer that time, but after a bit, I began to notice an urge to move my body. I became aware of the discomfort in my torso and legs and told myself to just breathe through it. The urge to move, however, overcame the breath and I opened my eyes and stood and stretched. Noticing the time on the timer, I had been sitting for 12 minutes.

What did I notice? I noticed it was challenging for my mind to stay focused without someone talking; I noticed that I had that detached feeling, which I am interpreting as a positive mediation experience; I noticed that my mind likes to create images; I noticed that the physical discomfort in my body distracts me from the experience eventually.

I’m interested and curious to see what Day 4 holds!  Be Well and Have a Wonderful day!

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