May 17, 2017

Meditation Challenge: Day 2

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So, I know that when one is doing an experiment, all variables should remain constant to the best of one’s ability. So, with apologies to science, I changed it up on Day 2. On Day 2 of my 10 minutes per day for 10 days mediation challenge, I chose to sit outside. There’s a lovely old oak tree near my office that I sat facing. I knew one of the challenges would be that my office is on the corner of two very busy streets, so I wondered how the street noise would affect my experience.

I chose “Natural Stress Relief” on the Insight Timer app. This one was a guided meditation with relaxing background music. The person guiding the mediation took me through a mini body awareness exercise and then focusing on breathing, with a mantra. I settled in with my headphones in and was very aware of the breeze on my face and the traffic noises outside. However, after a few moments (I didn’t peek this time), I was able to focus on the breathing and the sound of his voice.

Since I also record guided imagery, mindfulness relaxation, and guided meditations, I can get caught up in listening to another person’s technique, pauses, voice quality, and rhythm. This tripped me up for a bit, but then I went back to focusing on my breathing and was able to reconnect with his voice and follow along. I made it all the way through (this one was about 13 minutes long), and felt pretty refreshed when I opened my eyes.

What did I notice? I seemed a little more effortless today, being outside was helpful, I think. I was very aware of my initial curiosity about his technique, but once I let that go, I think the guided voice helped me focus and stay out of monkey brain a little more easily. I also noticed that my body, although still feeling the discomfort, felt a little more relaxed when I finished.

I am curious to see what day 3 holds! Be Well and Have a Wonderful Day!

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