May 12, 2017

Tips for Building Healthy Relationships

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Does struggling with an Eating Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, (or any other mental illness for that matter), affect your relationships? Absolutely! A person’s mental state influences the ability to form close bonds, how you interact with others, and how others perceive you (whether or not they know about the mental illness). Many people lack the skills needed to create or sustain vital, healthy relationships, whether it is with a partner, children, extended family members, or friends. Since relationships and support networks are an integral part of recovery, it is important to learn how to create and maintain healthy relationships.

Try not to be concerned about the small things. Many times those struggling with mental illnesses focus on their faults. This can lead to constant apologies for really no reason (which is really annoying, BTW), feeling inferior or not good enough for others to befriend. Try to look at the big picture of your life and personality. What are some qualities that you will bring to the relationship? Focus on what you are doing well and what is going well rather than what is going wrong.

Please don’t hold back from expressing your emotions. Expressing your emotions doesn’t mean you have to rant and cry and scream and rage. It means identifying the emotions you are feeling and then talking them out with another person who will seek to understand how you are feeling. Keeping your feelings bottled up is never a good idea. Share with someone you trust. Ideally, emotions are a connector. When we share how we feel, others get to know us on a deeper level and feel safe to share their emotional selves with us.

Don’t make assumptions. If a friend or a family member seems “off”, don’t automatically assume it’s because of something you’ve done or said. If appropriate, ask them how they are feeling and what’s happening in their internal world. You may find out they just had a bad day!

Share your dreams and goals in life and make an effort to ask and remember the other person’s dreams and goals. It’s easy to get caught up in superficial conversations about the weather and politics(!), which is perfectly acceptable sometimes; but talking about the deeper stuff that’s on your heart is a great way to make connections.

Like anything, it takes practice; but the end result is a richer, more meaningful life.

Be Well and Have a Wonderful Day!

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