May 6, 2017

Just Some Things I’d Like You to Know

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:11 pm by kellyfdennis

oneredtreeYou are beautiful. You are creative. You are kind. You are caring. You are compassionate. You are courageous. Do you sometimes have a creative block, lack a little patience, feel afraid? Sure, because you are a human being. Those times aren’t as numerous, though, as when you are adventurous, motivated, loyal, and committed. Do you have timid times, stay in your pajamas days, and times when you don’t follow through? Yep, welcome to the human race. Most days, though, you are curious, connected, clear headed, confident, and calm.

Did you know these things about yourself? I know them. I sit across from you and I see them. Sometimes they are buried beneath shame, disappointment, and despair. However, sometimes I get a glimpse of them when you laugh or smile, or when you tell me the story of how that meaningful time in your life impacted you and your loved ones. Sometimes, you tell me you can’t find those things at all. I nod and say “ok”; but I know they are there, and I know you will find them.

I know that you will find places of safety, paths to self acceptance, value and worth in the person who you are. I know that you will come to find that you deserve contentment and joy, and to celebrate the life you live.

Know that you are loved.


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