December 9, 2010

LCW Help for Holidays article

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My apologies for the delay in posting.

Some of you asked for the Help for the Holidays article that ran in LCW this month.  Here ya go!

People.  Parties. Pressure. For individuals who struggle with food related issues, this time of year can be especially challenging. You may feel pulled in many directions with work deadlines, school expectations, or personal commitments. Before you know it, connecting with yourself and meeting your needs in a healthy way, have taken a backseat to gift purchasing and cookie baking. Here are some gentle reminders to help keep you calm and cool.

1. Work on being flexible in guidelines for yourself, and in expectations of yourself and others. Strive to be flexible in what you eat during the holidays. Take a break from self imposed rigidity and perfectionism.

2. Write down your vision of where you would like your mind and heart to be during this holiday time. Take a moment, a couple of times per day, to find a quiet place to become in tune again with your vision; to remember, to nurture, and to center yourself into those thoughts, feelings, and actions which match with your vision for yourself.

3. If you have personal goals for your time with friends and family during the holidays, make your goals about “doing something” rather than about trying to prevent something. If you have food goals, then adding emotional, spiritual, and relationship goals will help keep you balanced.

4. Discuss your anticipations of the holidays with your therapist, or other members of your treatment team so that they can help you predict, prepare for, and work through any uncomfortable family interactions without self destructive coping attempts.

5. Eat regularly and in a reasonable pattern. Avoid “preparing for the last supper.” Don’t skip meals and starve in attempt to make up for what you recently ate or are about to eat. Keep a regular and moderate eating plan.

6.  Take the focus off body image issues.  Make a commitment to stop standing in front of the mirror and insulting yourself. Send that harsh internal critic packing and take the time to focus on the blessings and love that surround you.

And above all, don’t forget to breathe!

Happy Holidays!

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