December 22, 2009

PMR-Short form

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Whew!  The last several days have been a whirlwind! I have discovered something interesting in this very busy time….just when I need to use the relaxation methods the most, I forget to use them!  What’s up with that?!  I had a very stressful day last week and found myself getting caught up in the anxiety of the moment.  It wasn’t until I took a deep (exasperated) breath that I remembered to “breathe deeply”.  Once my relaxation mode was triggered and I used the belly breathing, I almost instantly felt my anxiety reducing.  I guess I need to put some “cues” around my environment to remind me to use my skills!  “Therapist, heal thyself”, as my good friend would say!

Ok, so I promised PMR, the short form.  If you look back a couple of blog entries ago, I explained the long version of PMR.  Hopefully, you have tried it and found some measure of relaxation with using it.  sometimes, though, it’s helpful to have a shorter version that you can do quickly…in the moment, if you will.

Start by taking three long, deep belly breaths (wow, we are getting really good at breathing!).  Now imagine that your individual muscles are grouped together.  Tense your toes, calves, and thighs all at once.  Hold for a count of three, then release very dramatically.  Feel the tingle in those muscles.  Remember to tell your brain the difference between tension and relaxation.  Now move up to your buttocks, stomach and chest.  Tense those muscles, all at once.  Hold for a count of three and then dramatically let go. Feel the tingle.  Next tense your arms, neck and face.  Hold for a count of three and then dramatically let go…feel the tingle.  Now, end by tensing all the muscles in your body at one time.  Hold for a count of three and then dramatically let go.  Enjoy the all over body tingle.  Take three long deep belly breaths and feel the relaxation.

The more you practice the long form, the more the short form will trigger relaxation.  Our minds and bodies are very “trainable”.

Give yourself the gift of relaxation this Christmas Season!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Hope2be said,

    Good stuff!!! It’s getting easier — just like you said. My favorite is the belly breathing. I find myself using it in the car when I get “agressive”…yes, those signs on the highway apply to me : )

    I’ve begun to use the belly breathing as my first line of defense when I get really stressed or full of anxiety. Best part is that is usually works!

  2. kellyfdennis said,


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