December 8, 2009


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I think relaxation is a lost art. As we get caught up in our daily grind, or completing our to-do lists, we can lose touch with ourselves, leading to disconnection or the “numbness” that the people who sit across from me describe. I decided that I’m going to reconnect with the art of relaxation myself. I hope you’ll try it with me.
Day 1 Breathing…yes, Breathing!
This is a very powerful and very simple technique. It teaches you slow breathing from the “diaphragm” or belly. It relaxes you and also relieves many of the symptoms of anxiety. Plan to practice it once a day, starting with five minutes. Then, gradually increase the time up to about 15 minutes.

Lie comfortably on your back, with a pillow under your head, your knees bent and back flat. You can stretch your legs out if that’s more comfortable. Place one hand on your belly. Once you’re comfortable, you can start the exercise.

Inhale while you slowly count to 4. Expand your belly as much as you can – like a balloon. You know you’re doing “belly breathing” right when you can feel your belly expand. Then, exhale to the slow count of 4, just letting all the air out of the balloon. As you exhale, just feel yourself letting go of tension.

Keep repeating the belly breathing to the slow count of 4. When your mind wanders, just gently bring your attention back to the counting and belly breathing.

As you gradually master your Belly Breathing, you are gaining a powerful tool to lower your overall level of anxiety.
Aah…I feel better already.


  1. hope2be said,

    Isn’t crazy that we actually need to take time to remind ourselves to breathe….just breathe. It is one of my simplistic action….we are actively breathing all day long….but to take time to stop and focus on that simple act of breathing….to breathe in deep and slowly exhale….all of your energy focused on that one breath….amazaing!

    Thanks for the reminder….I’m so much better at leaving space, but if I don’t do anything to release the anxiety all the space in the world won’t make much difference in the end! So…. what comes after breathing?

  2. kellyfdennis said,

    You’re welcome!

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