October 6, 2009

Reflections on Mirrors

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antique-mirror-100186151These next few blogs are reposts of an experiment I did with some of my clients a couple of years ago. Since the subject of body checking is coming up more frequently, I thought they would be relevant.

So what did ancient people do without mirrors to reflect their image  back to them?  Did they escape the bondage that mirrors can sometimes bring to people who struggle with negative body image?

I wonder what would happen if you covered all the mirrors in your house for three days? How would you feel? Would you even be able to follow through with the experiment?

So, let’s try it…


  1. freeinhim said,

    In the process of trying this. It’s really hard but I think it will be good. I look in the mirror or glass windows or whatever way more than I thought I did (and I thought I looked a lot!) So even though I caught myself a few times, I’m going to keep trying it. I already knew this was a problem, and I know that 3 days won’t fix the problem. But it’s good practice for breaking a bad habit and changing negative behaviors.

  2. scarovese said,

    @kellyfdennis I’d be interested to see your reflections (no pun intended) on how this experiment turns out. I assume you’ll keep us updated on process?

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